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0121 428 5125

30 Woodville Road, Harborne, Birmingham, B17 9AT
(We are based in a dedicated delivery site adjacent to the main campus)

advance2work is part of QAC (reg. charity 1065794)


Are you unemployed with a disability or long term health condition and need help to find work?

Call us on 0121 428 5125 for more information about Specialist Employability Support.

Young man using computer with tutor.Female student using computer.

If you are aged 18 or above and want to move into employment please ask us for information about our advance2work programme at QAC. This programme aims to help you fill any skills gaps, get some work experience and find a job as quickly as possible.

Specialist Employability Support (SES)

We are working in partnership with Shaw Trust and STEPs to Employment to provide the Specialist Employability Support programme which is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Specialist Employability Support is a programme which supports people with a disability to prepare for, find and stay in work. The programme includes specialised interventions tailored to the individual.

We offer two different levels of support:

SES Start Back (SESSB) – 3 months of intensive support to progress onto further provision, work trials or employment.

SES main provision – for clients needing more help to prepare for the workplace, this support lasts an average of 12 months.

Both Specialist Employability Support programmes provide:

  • Dedicated staff for one-to-one support
  • Professional advice and guidance
  • Health and disability issues specialist
  • Support tailored to your needs
  • Help with issues that may be holding you back
  • Access to employer vacancies
  • In work support

Our experienced Employment Advisers will work with you on your individualised programme which can last from 3 months up to a year if necessary. Please talk to your Work Coach at your local Job Centre so that they can make the referral to one of our above named partners requesting QAC by name.

Attached is a testimonial from a previous client:

"After many years searching for a job, I felt very despondent about my prospects of getting a job. I have Asperger’s syndrome which makes communicating with new people and adapting to new places difficult. When I left school I had no qualifications. Straight away I felt very welcome and comfortable at the QAC, which for me is unusual as I usually struggle to adapt to new surroundings and people. Over the weeks my confidence increased all the time. I started to feel I could learn new skills. I also made many good friends, who also helped to build my confidence. I eventually gained level 1 City & Guilds in maths, level 2 City & Guilds in English and OCR Level 1 IT Skills. I also felt a lot better about having interviews, which I had learned through mock interviews and pressure coping techniques. I gained a job after a few months of leaving the QAC , driving mini buses. My confidence and self belief have increased no end. I have made good friends who I am still in contact with, as well as new friends where I work. My quality of life has improved greatly and I no longer feel despondent about my career prospects or life."

Client P is still working as special needs transport driver for 22 hours a week. His employer understands his disability and his line manager was very supportive in the first 3 months of his employment.

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